About me


Olaug Åsen
Born in 1958.
Livs in Kjersti park , Evje og Hornnes.
Education from Art Collegein Bergen, Norway. 1977-81
Member of the Norwegian Artists Association.

Works in the fields of painting and printmaking.
I live and work at my house in Evje, wich lies on the border of Setesdal.
I am also a member of Myren Grafikk Printing House in Kristiansand, where i work mostly with etching.
Colour,form, composition, rythm, balance/unbalance, and patterns are focuses in my work.
My work reflects inspirations, experiences, discoveries and memories, or results of play and the pleasure of painting.
Life is a culmination of influences and impressions in time and space. From early childhood to present day, we are exposed to the pictures, historys and fate of the world thru media on a daily basis. My paintings are often complex and bordering the kaotic. Perhaps in search of order, system and patterninthe kaos, or to emphasize the beauty in the kaos. I think of my works as visual poetry about life.